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PeriSteam HydroTherapy

Effective. Empowering. 
Accessible. Pleasurable. 
Reclaim your pelvic health

& deeply connect with yourself

Put this incredibly medicinal practice
used all over the world for hundreds of years into your hands
Pelvic steaming is increasingly being recognized in the modern world as an effective and non-invasive way to work with pelvic/gynecological health concerns. 

Peristeam Hydrotherapy is being picked up by some OB/GYNs & fertility specialists in North America, and is used in dozens of hospitals in Europe.
Several countries never stopped using it, such as Korea, Suriname & Japan.
In many, many places our grandmothers remember pelvic steaming.

Its' revival comes with the support of a number of studies, along with mounting evidence from case studies that, when used in an informed way, many steam users found their pelvic health issues rebalanced completely. 

Theresa Swan BA, DKATI, PHC

6 years ago I used steaming to completely heal my cramps and cysts.

I was so amazed at my results I knew I had to share this
powerful medicine with the world!

I'm a certified 
Peristeam Hydrotherapist (and a Peristeam Facilitator) through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. 
During this intensive training I learned how to use steam therapy with over 350 pelvic health situations. 

I know what it is like to be in a health crisis and I know how much we need gentle support as well as an effective way to reach the root of our often confusing struggles. 

That is part of the magic of steaming. 
(With the correct herbs & steam plan of course!)

It could bring our body back into balance. Right from the root.

I love supporting people, especially women.* I spent many years as a Women's Counsellor & a Trauma Therapist.
And I love that steaming is such an accessible way
to work with our pelvic health.  

My mission is to see a revival of every household using 
steaming to help support and rebalance their bodies. 

When we can honor & care for this sacred part of ourselves
we can live luminously!

*AFAB individuals included! 

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-Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

-Certified Peristeam Facilitator

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

-Graduate Degree in Art Therapy

Kootenai Art Therapy Insititute

-Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

McMaster University 

-I've completed many additional

trainings & certifications on trauma, gender-based violence

& therapeutic techniques


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